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50+ Ways to Germ-Proof Your Home, Office, and Life

It seems each headline brings a new flu, disease, or other bacterial worry and who has the time to learn them all? Take a proactive stance by learning the best ways to germ proof yourself, kids, office, home, and more.

Best Sites for Germ-Proofing

These sites give the latest and best tips on germ fighting for the individual, company, and more.

1. Dr. Harley Rotbart’s GERMBlog: Dr. Rotbart has spent the past 25 years demystifying childhood infections for parents and deciphering the evidence on the prevention and cure of infections for healthcare providers. His blog gives the inside story on germ defense from antibiotics and vaccines to home remedies and health food. Recent entries deal with the myths and realities of swine flu.

2. Dr. Harley Rotbart’s GERMBlog: Dr. Rotbart has spent the past 25 years demystifying childhood infections for parents and deciphering the evidence on the prevention and cure of infections for healthcare providers. His blog gives the inside story on germ defense from antibiotics and vaccines to home remedies and health food. Recent entries deal with the myths and realities of swine flu.

3. Dr. Dust Off: On this particular page, the doctor shows you proper computer cleaning tips. You can get recommendations on dusters, do’s and don’t’s, along with sections for each part of the computer. You can also get other related tools and videos.

4. Target Health Global: The official blog of Target Health, this entry shows you how to avoid germs while traveling. Learn how to choose the best seat on a plane, which drinks to avoid, and more. You can also get tons of other health minded stories.

5. Germ Stoppers: The CDC offers free downloadable posters to everyone who wants to show others and themselves how to fight germs. Three posters cover healthy habits, germ stopping, and proper sneeze covering. You can get the posters in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and other languages.

6. Germ Watch: This site is intended to provide up-to-date information about communicable diseases that routinely affect communities. Current diseases include respiratory viruses, the enterovirus, rotavirus, and bordetella pertussis. You can also get a list of common diseases in your area.

Best Products for Germ-Proofing

Those with a little or a lot of money can enjoy these simple, yet amazingly effective germ fighting products.

7. Luxe Link: Never put your purse or bag on the floor again with these stylish holders and hooks. No larger than the size of poker chip, these purse holders are portable, easy to use, and have a stylish chain that wraps around a swanky circular top. You can order them online or find them in a store in your area.

8. Germ-X: These products can be found in a variety of stores including Wal-mart, Target, and others. They are inexpensive and kill 99.99% of many common germs and bacteria in as little as 15 seconds while gently moisturizing skin. You can even read the latest health news, order a wall bracket, or join the online community.

9. Germ Free 24: This gel keeps your skin sanitized and continues to destroy bacteria, virus, and fungi for 24 hours. It also stays active on your skin through normal daily hygiene. An independent study confirmed most of these claims. Prices are $6.99 for a 30 day supply.

10. The Handler: Hate touching doorknobs or surfaces in public bathrooms? Then attach The Handler to your keychain and let it do all your touching for you. They sell a variety of colors and styles for $10.95 and have instructional videos on how to use them.

11. Germ Eliminating Light: This palm-sized device uses UV-C light to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and mold in 20 seconds. It is the same kind trusted to sterilize hospital instruments, keyboards, public restroom surfaces, and doorknobs. Get the pocket size for $69.95 or the full size for $99.95.

12. Honeywell HFD-120Q HEPA Germicidal Air Purifier: Air purifiers can cost up to and past $1,000, but this popular seller is only $129. Use it for small to medium rooms such as an apartment, office, or family room. Best of all the filter is permanent and washable by vacuum so it never needs replacing.

Best Tips for Germ Free Kids

Children can be the most vulnerable to germs, yet know the least about them. Use these sites and tools to teach them how to stay clean, happy, and healthy.

13. What Are Germs?: Have kids with lots of questions? Then take them to this site for an explanation of germs suitable for their point of view. You also get a list of common germs, and it is also available in Spanish.

14. Germ Genius Quiz: Have your child, or students, take this quiz to see how germ savvy they are. Only five questions long, but grown ups might find it challenging as well. You can also view the Germs 101 section to study before taking the quiz.

15. Tips on Teaching Your Child to Become Germ Proof: Associated Content shows you how to teach your children the importance of avoiding germs. Seven tips range from hand washing to sneezing properly. There are also links to related videos.

16. Bring your own toys. Public toys, such as in a doctor’s office, can be full of germs. Read this report by WebMD to learn more and what other areas to avoid.

17. Four Keys to Avoiding Germs: Dr. Alan Greene is with the Children’s Liver Association for Support Services. He gives kids and adults tips on avoiding germs. Get info on germs in the home, air, and tips for hand washing.

18. How to Minimize Kids’ Germs: Between school, daycare and other kid places, children bring home tons of germs. This article helps parents minimize kids’ germs in the home and help kids to stay healthy. You can get tips for fighting germs in your home or from inside your body.

19. Ology Germ Soap Kit: This kit was the winner of the Institute for Childhood Resources Top 100 Best Children’s Products for 2008 Award. Teach your children about harmful, as well as helpful, germs in a creative way by making soap in molds of these germs. It currently sells for $19.95 and is used by the educators at the American Museum of Natural History.

Best Ways to Germ Proof the Office

Lots of people, lots to do, and little time for germ fighting, make the office one of the most common places to catch or spread germs. Read the below for the best ways to germ proof.

20. Best Ways to Avoid The Office Bug: It never fails: a co-worker get sick and ends up spreading throughout the office. “Forbes” magazine shows you how to avoid the plague. In addition to the helpful article, they also offer pictures on how to avoid getting sick.

21. Be Clean: “Consumer Reports” tells its readers how to keep their computer hardware germ free. Get tips for the keyboard, monitor, and mouse. You can also get more resources on the site.

22. Be A Germ Stopper: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention advises workers on how to stop the spread of germs at work. Tips include how germs commonly spread and how to avoid it. You can also get the article as a PDF to hand out at your workplace.

23. The Dirty Secret About Office Germs: Ergoweb brings you the actual numbers on office germs as compared to other everyday germs. Learn which areas are the worst and how to avoid them in this article. A quick tip: stay away from the water cooler.

24. Keyboards no Longer a Germ Laden Office Tool: “USA Today” takes a look at the realities of keyboard germs. They also examined a new keyboard that utilizes waterproof technology and an anti-microbial plastic that uses all natural, pure silver ions. The patent is currently pending, but the company has more similar products in the pipeline.

Best Ways to Germ-Proof Your Home

Moms, dads, and kids will enjoy a germ free home after visiting the below sites.

25. How to Germ-Proof Your Home Without Going Overboard: CNN shows you how to easily and reasonably keep your home germ free. Get tips for sponges, the kitchen sink, and much more. Especially useful for parents whose kids constantly play on the floor.

26. Germ World: Dial is the first name in antibacterial soap and tells consumers all about common household germs. Resources available include a hand wash IQ, hygiene links, and a guide on how to wash. You can also get information on their various products.

27. How to Germ Proof a Home: The health editor at eHow gives simple and easy steps to protect yourself and your family in the home. Eight simple steps include an air purifier, disinfectants, and soap. There are also other articles on a safe home.

28. Clean Up The Classroom With Clorox: It’s not exactly the home, but children spend 30 to 40 hours a week in the classroom. The useful site has fun facts, activities, games, and expert advice to help you reduce the spread of germs that can cause colds and flu. You can also order a free Clean Up the Classroom Kit online for your classroom or teacher.

29. Healthy Carpet and Rug Tips: Martha Stewart gives useful tips on buying and maintaining a healthy rug or carpet. You can even get tips for installing a clean carpet. There are also other useful resources for home and beyond.

30. New Bacterial Infection Linked to Military: Got a spouse or child returning from duty? Then read this article from ABC News to learn more about the bacteria, acinetobacter baumannii, which has been linked to at least seven deaths. Most commonly found on soldiers returning from Iraq or Afghanistan, you can get more tips and information by visiting here.

Best Ways to Germ Proof Articles

Get even more information on all sorts of germ-proofing by reading these articles.

31. Infectious Diseases: The Mayo Clinic shows you how infectious diseases spread and how to stop them. Learn the most common ways they spread, along with simple steps for how to avoid them. The site also offers tons of other information on the specifics of many diseases.

32. Killing Flu Germs: Learn what works and doesn’t work in the fight against the flu with the help of WebMD. It reviews the myths and realities of the flu virus. Tips on germ transmitting and hand washing are also given.

33. How to Avoid Germs at the Gym: Mun Fitness gives ten essential tips for germ proofing at the gym. Learn what to bring with you, when to stay at home, and more. Those who are interested can also get tips for gym pick up lines for both men and women.

34. How Doctors Avoid Cold and Flu Germs: Get tips on germ fighting from those who encounter it the most: doctors. You can get many tips, in addition to the usual “wash your hands” tip. Advice on herbal remedies, vitamins, and chicken soup are given.

35. The Demise of the Handshake: Are you one of those people who is afraid to shake hands? Then read this article by Dr. Manny to get the realities of handshaking and germs. He shakes hands around 50 times a day and explains more.

36. Watch your money. According to this article excerpted from “The Hawaii Reporter,” money can contain all sorts of germs. It gives advice on the state of U.S. currency along with others.

37. Kill Germs Without Being a Complete Idiot: This article by Bodyhacker examined the realities of sponge microwaving. Read for tips or to chime in with your own opinion. You can also get a link to the original article.

38. Vinegar Tips: Learn why our mothers and grandmothers use vinegar in their everyday cleaning. White distilled vinegar seems to be the most popular and is free of harsh chemicals. Use it for fixtures, countertops, windows, and more.

39. Eat Your Germs: Not all bacteria are bad, and those that are good can be found in everyday foods. These germs are called probiotics and can be found in yogurt, buttermilk, sauerkraut and tofu. “Time” magazine interviews doctors and experts to get the real deal.

Best Videos for Germ-Proofing

Watch these videos with your spouse or children to get more germ proofing tips.

40. Germ Search: A quick search on Medhelp turns up 11 videos on some of the most common places for germs. You can also get tips for how to avoid them. There are videos on cellphones, the gym, keyboards, and more.

41. Surviving Kids’ Germs: WebMD gives tips from a pediatrician at spotting kids who have germs. They go on to explain how best to fight them and the realities of germs. You can also get more health videos.

42. Germs In Your House: CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta takes a look at germs in the home. He answers common questions and gives useful tips. A microbiologist also weighs in on the debate.

43. Run Germ Run: Got a kid who hates to brush their teeth? Then watch this short, funny film to show them why. Due to lack of dialogue, it is suitable for children who speak any language.

Best Books for Germ-Proofing

Those with a couple bucks and a love of reading and germ proofing will enjoy these books, most priced around ten or twelve dollars.

44. Germ Proof Your Kids: This book is the complete guide to protecting, without overprotecting, your family from infections. Visit this site to get a sample of the book or watch a video. They also have links to purchase from various sellers, or you can get a bulk discount.

45. Killer Germs: Get the lowdown on the microbes and diseases that actually threaten humanity. For $12.21 you can read about diseases that lurk in air conditioners, Ebola, and the “white death” which has killed 2 billion people. This book offers a fascinating examination of the horrors humanity has faced and the actions required to provide hope for the future.

46. The Hot Zone: This book contains the chilling story of an Ebola virus outbreak in a suburban Washington, D.C. laboratory. It also has other descriptions of frightening historical epidemics of rare and lethal viruses. Read for a good scare, because the stories are all true and available for $10.17.

47. 4 Weeks to Maximum Immunity: As health experts sound the alarm about the dangers of a pandemic, men and women increasingly find themselves juggling hectic, stressful schedules that deplete their immune defenses. Get this book for daily menus of immune boosting foods, tips for lifestyle, and the keys to maximum immunity. “Prevention Magazine” brings you this book for only $14.93.

48. The Woman With a Worm in Her Head: Not recommended for hypochondriacs, this book tells the true story of rare and interesting infectious diseases. Dr. Pamela Nagami has seen some of the worst diseases known to humankind: flesh-eating strep, parasitic worms that zigzag through the brain, and others. For $10.17 you can read the true life accounts of her various patients.

49. 90 Day Immune System Makeover: Janet Maccaro, PhD, CNC, is a respected lecturer, author, and has doctorates in nutrition and natural healing. Her book gives a complete makeover to give you the vitality and energy to embrace life at your best in just ninety days. For $10.19, you can get tips on purification baths, green super foods, power mushrooms, and much more.

50. Viral Immunity: This book contains a ten step plan to enhance your immunity against viral diseases using natural medicines. James Williams, a credentialed expert in traditional Chinese medicine, believes we can shore up our immune system to handle current and any future viral infections. For $29.95, he will show you how to develop unassailable viral immunity using natural approaches or deal with an existing infection.

The germ proofing movement is growing and with these 50 tips, tools, and resources, families can stay ahead of the curve and away from diseases.