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Top 100 Organic Living Blogs

Although the organic movement has grown over the past few years, it is still difficult to find helpful information about organic living. Fortunately, there are several bloggers out there who have made it their mission to spread knowledge about environmentally conscientious shopping and consumption. To that end, we have composed a list of the top 100 organic lifestyle blogs ranging from parenting to gardening and everything in between.

1. Organic Living & Lifestyle Blog A blog all about organic living. Find everything from recipes to how to test your PH level.

2. Organic Authority.com Seeks to change the way American’s think about the word organic. Provides educated information about the benefits of organic and green living.

3. Whole Story The official blog of the Whole Foods Market. This blog covers heartfelt individuals doing astonishing things in areas of organics, green practices, and fair trade.

4. Global Healing Center A research center that produces advanced degenerative disease products and information. Has earned recognition as one of the largest alternative, natural, and organic health resources.

5. Organic Gardening A collection of useful articles about all aspects of gardening. Offers techniques and tips for growing food and progressing in the organic agricultural movement.

6. Go-Organic-Now.com Provides information on living organically without pesticides, herbicides, and manmade chemicals. Also updates you on what’s new in the raw organic food world.

7. Organic Spa Living Blog A connection for views on how to relax and rejuvenate yourself naturally. You will enjoy several tips for creating a spa environment at home.

8. Natural Living for Women Dedicated to helping women make the best choices for natural and organic living. Advice on buying clothes made of natural fabrics, shopping, pregnancy tips, and skin care.

9. Organic Passion Creates public awareness of toxic chemicals in food, water, personal care items, and the air we breathe. Most of the subject matter in this blog is related to environment conservation, reviews of commercial products, and providing content that helps to promote natural and organic living.

10. Green-organic-world.com Organic living resources and solutions to help you create a more calming and stress free life. Keeps you updated on news and changes to save the earth and stop global warming.

11. OrganicBeautySource.com This blog makes it easy for the conscious consumer to get the latest advice in the world of safe, organic cosmetics. All the products recommended are free of harmful ingredients such as petrolatum and parabens.

12. Uniquely Organic Brings you current news on holistic and alternative therapies in message and skin care. Informs you of harmful ingredients in hair products, skin care, makeup and household products.

13. Farm Fresh Living A blog showing homage to a new rural lifestyle and healthy living. Commentary on organic gardening and agriculture. It also has some great healthy cooking recipes.

14. Focus Organic Started by a girl trying to live a more green life. Share and learn how to be more eco-friendly by implementing small changes into your daily routine.

15. Organic Journey Online Follows a woman’s journey on organic eating and living green. Allows fellow journeyers to provide comments and advice.

16. Living a Whole Life Offers knowledge on all facets of holistic nutrition and naturopathy. Topics include organic whole foods, herbs, homeopathic remedies, and children’s nutrition and exercise.

17. Organic Gardening Zone A variety of commentaries on organic gardening. Provides reviews on gardening equipment and supplies.

18. Organic To Be A conversation about organic food and farming. Weekly posts provide hands on experiences, useful solutions, and provocative opinions.

19. Organic or Bust Organic food news and reviews. This blog is updated several times a day frequently with updates from all over the world.

20. Organic Baby Blog Nursery Artist’s organic blog is a way for parents to learn about green baby gifts, organic cleaners, and ways to create an eco friendly baby nursery. Also get clues on how to make other eco friendly health conscious decisions for their baby’s environment.

21. Organic Makeup and Skin Care Everything related to natural skin care and makeup. Read brand overviews, product reviews, tips and facts about chemicals used for skin care.

22. Hip Organic Momma A mom’s journey to feed her family real food. She shares her thoughts about what to do to make changes in how we eat for a healthier family and planet.

23. Organic Clothing Blog A blog about eco fashion. Learn all about natural, organic, and sustainable clothing from facts about how it is made to how to keep out the wrinkles.

24. Organic Gardening-a Beginners Guide Started to support natural health and a green earth. Unique posts on making your own organic compost, growing sunflowers, and filtering your drinking water naturally.

25. EarthDay.com All about our planet earth, the environment, and saving energy. Focuses on using eco friendly and organic products and recycling for a green future.

26. Kiwi Log Introduces families to the latest in natural and organic living. Helpful hints on raising children the healthiest way possible.

27. Beauty Secrets Revealed All about organic skin care solutions. Learn how what you eat can affect your skin. Also great tips on natural remedies for pimples, blotches and everyday skin ailments.

28. Live Organic Baby Everything you need to know about raising a baby in a totally organic lifestyle. You will find answers to all your questions on an abundance of topics.

29. DrinktheEarth.com Offers news covering biodynamic or organic beer, wine and spirits. Surveys are done frequently to help you make the best choices.

30. Organic Beauty View Presents the hottest trends, popular brands, and favorite products in the organic world. Insightful observations from the contemporary side of natural beauty.

31. The Lacquered Peacock Highlights and reviews on interesting organic and sustainable on line stores and the products they carry. Reviews include home and personal accessories, children, pets, and clothing.

32. Just My Lil’ Organic Life Written by a mother of two little children, this blog is dedicated to sharing information on leading an organic lifestyle. Share her experiences on feeding her children an organic diet.

33. The Holistic Chef A tour of the culinary world with whole and organic foods. Recipes and commentary are given on creating a healthy and natural diet.

34. Gardenz Own Reflections and information on organic gardening. Delightful stories and advice on growing perennials and vegetables in harmony with the earth from over 25 years experience.

35. Food Gala A blog about naturally healthy foods, organic produce, and the finest ingredients. A main source of facts about foods packed with nutrition and health boosters but still pleasing to the palette.

36. The Organic Food Blog Provides statistics and facts about the benefits of going organic. Educated articles are written on artificial hormones and high amount of pesticides in today’s foods.

37. Green Cotton A web forum on what’s hot in sustainability and eco fashion. Covers fabrics, topics on farming, celebrities, companies and more.

38. NatureMoms Blog Read about tips and ideas from a mom trying to live a natural family lifestyle. A variety of advice is given from comparing costs of organic brands of food to easy ways of improving our environment.

39. Ideal Bite Some helpful ideas for people who have not gone totally green. Fun and easy tips on recycling, organic clothing, and food.

40. EcoSalon Get organic fashion, décor, news, and lifestyle updates. Focus on a natural and healthy lifestyle without forfeiting style.

41. NaturalBuy.com Focuses on better foods, natural and organic alternatives, and investing in a clear mind and spirituality. Gives you an overall healthier approach to living.

42. Crafting a Green World Features everything from eco patterns and supplies to book reviews. A great source for organic, natural, and recycled crafty products, projects, businesses and media.

43. The Ethicurean A blog about delicious things that are natural, sustainable, organic, local and/or ethical. Includes news digests, farm tours, short interviews, restaurant and book reviews and more.

44. Tree Hugging Family Living green for the entire family while combining how kids can make a difference for the earth. Audits and tips on organic food, natural health and living, and eco friendly products for the green life.

45. Purespectives Ideas, relevant data, points of views, and revelations on health, organic or natural foods and products. Scan reviews on organic home and body products.

46. Deal Hippie A directory of stores that sell eco friendly products. From organic cotton and hemp clothes to solar power, you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

47. Pays to Live Green Get advice on how to save money when going green. Discussions on the environment, sustainable or organic products, finance, nutrition, and technology.

48. GreenUpgrader Scours the earth for the best environmentally friendly and organic products. Brings you many choices so that you can upgrade your stuff while protecting the planet.

49. Organic Wine Journal Experiences and life commentaries from an organic wine grower. Follow him on business journeys that improve his knowledge on growing organic wine.

50. Tiny Farm Blog One day to the next on a small organic farm. This blog tells the story of a micro farmer who started with no gardening experience in 2002 and the journey up until now.

51. HippyShopper Your directory for fair trade, organic, wildlife friendly and ethical products available. Reviews on everything from food to clothes, to companies to cars.

52. Haute Nature A dose of style with environmentally friendly content. Organic based ideas, art, and green products for your family and lifestyle.

53. Live Life Tips and advice on information related to natural health, nutrition, and diet for the mind and body. Interesting articles on eco fashion, alternative medicine, and family health.

54. Pretty by Nature Learn how to make your own natural beauty products. Also have reviews on organic beauty products.

55. Really Natural Finds ideas and products that stand out when it comes to making our lives healthier and more sustainable. They look for organic and natural products and foods that will reduce the environmental impact.

56. Colorado-Naturally Speaking From a resident of Colorado, this blog gives insight on family safe, eco friendly living. There are some good articles on non-toxic green living and natural lifestyles. Also offers reviews on eco friendly products.

57. Feelgood Style Their objective is to hopefully inspire you to start new ways of living to help the environmental future. From home to work and family life, there is a variety of advice from their writers.

58. Gathering Home Your source for creating a green home. Join in to discussions on family fun, cooking, book reviews, social causes, and simple eco living.

59. Naturaleza Organic Jewelry The adventures of an organic jewelry maker. See the challenges of making jewelry from totally sustainable and organic materials.

60. Healthy Living for People and Planet Earth A guide to simple, healthy living. With posts, comments, and guest writers that provide plenty of resources.

61. TreeHugger An all in one source for green news, solutions, and product information. An enthusiastic and upbeat approach is taken to improving our environment.

62. buyOrganics Hints on knowing what to look for when buying organic skin care and beauty products. Ingredients to look for, harmful chemicals and more.

63. Organic Needle A New York City wife and mother trying to start a small eco friendly business and still having time to run a naturally organic family. Helpful tips about everything from paint products to recycling.

64. Recipes 4 Gourmet Dogs Research and reviews on organic dog food. See which brands can help your dog achieve long term well being.

65. BL Organics A blog from the Organic Consumer Association. Provides detailed posts on facts about many of the organic products and brands used today.

66. Organic Grog Discusses stories and events related to the organic lifestyle. Topics are on political and social issues that relate directly to your health.

67. Dr. Mercola’s Health Blog Offers you the most up to date news and facts on organic and natural health. A good link to tips on better living by experts advisors.

68. Vegetarian Organic Blog Knowledge, experience and expertise from a Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor. Learn how to live a truly healthy and organic lifestyle.

69. The Oko Box Interactive commentary on organic food, clothing, and farming. Other topics include health, fair trade, pollution, and the environment.

70. Biodynamic and Organic Gardening Resource Site Organic and biodynamic gardening links, books, stories, and advice. Aimed towards novel gardeners just starting off who might be seeking some insight.

71. Organic Foods 101 New on topics related to organic food. Views on how these issues affect us nationally and internationally. Reviews on popular organic food brands.

72. Keep it Organic Provides the organic shopper with tips about the correct packaging choices to make sure you are actually getting “organic“ products. Learn about a number of harmful chemicals that are used for packaging.

73. So Organic Gives you the ability to choose an organic lifestyle at any level. Whether going totally organic or just eating that way. A convenient way to get reviews on all the products out there.

74. Fig and Sage Honest reviews and discoveries of pure, stylish and low-impact goods. Dedicated to pure, natural, organic products and eco-friendly finds for your guy or girl, your baby, your pet, your home and yourself.

75. Organic Fashion Gives you an inside look at organic production technology and how it relates to fashion. Gain information on organic jewelry, style, and fabrics.

76. Organic Farming Helpful hints on organic farming and gardening. Get reviews on organic gardening products and supplies.

77. Leafygreen Hands on testing of organic food and beverages, cleaning supplies, appliances, personal hygiene products and fashion. Offers alternatives to the mainstream by sampling products and writing reviews.

78. Our Earth Friendly Babies Reviews on organic, natural and eco friendly baby products. Get tips on the best organic diaper rash creams, BPA free baby bottles, and more.

79. Organic Health Blog Lists of herbal and organic remedies for many diseases. Weighs the advantages and disadvantages of the modern drugs used today.

80. Organic Mania Sometimes in to make sense of your organic purchases a lot of research is involved. This blog does all of that for you. Read opinions and facts regarding these products.

81. Organic In Style Showing you how to live organically and in style. The site discusses organic skin care, homes, pets, celebrities, news, and baby products.

82. Yes, it’s Organic A blog about organic, fair trade, and eco friendly goods. Includes discussions on products made from and manufacturing practices for Organic Cotton, Organic Wool, Hemp, and Bamboo.

83. Green Kiddos Advice on raising a natural and organic child. From food to clothes this blog gives you a number of tips on going green for your kids.

84 Mambo Sprouts The latest organic product news, healthy living tips and wellness information. Choose from a number of topics in many categories such as fitness and nutrition.

85. Peaceful Organic Planet A journal of living a peaceful and healthy life. Discover new and better whole organic foods and eat locally. A source for great vegetarian recipes.

86. Organic Garden Info.com Updates with information you can use immediately to grow your own organic vegetables in a way that is safe for you, your family and the environment. See the latest additions to the site and the latest organic garden news.

87. Organic -Nature-News.com An organics community of visitors from over fifty countries. A way to share information and get vital answers to your organic product questions.

88. Shop Organic Committed to introducing organic food to a wider community through web technology. Order a variety of organic products and food while discussing how important clean food, water, and a clean planet are to our children’s future.

89. Baby Minding A natural and organic child care resource for parents. They request feedback and participation from parents also. Find the answer to any question on this blog.

90. Organics and You All about the benefits of organic foods. Advice on which foods are the most nutritious to which foods you can grow yourself.

91. Sustainable Business.com Provides global news and networking services to help green business grow. Covers all sectors including organic products, renewable energy, and green building.

92. Green Mom Finds When you’re a parent; time is the last thing you have on your hands. This blog searches high and low for safer organic products and finds environment friendly alternatives to the conventional products that are commonly used.

93. The Renegade Health Show Blog from a daily health T.V. show. Healthy living, Vegan, Organic and Raw foods, and holistic nutrition are just some of the topics discussed. Enjoy an entertaining view into better health.

94. Whole Dog News The place to find information and education on natural and organic dog care and rearing, as well as the best in organic dog care products. You can search archives for answers to your dog questions and check out some helpful links.

95. Remedy Naturalis Blog Explores organic living issues, homeopathy, and natural remedy news. Learn about organic remedies for and prevention steps for most ailments.

96. Organic Tea Blog Features good, organic tea content from around the internet. Original tea related content and adventures of growing your own organic tea.

97. Broomhuggers Learn how to clean your home in a healthy, organic fashion. Read the benefits of having a healthy house than from a house free of dirt.

98. Beyond Pesticides Daily News Blog Features a post each day on the health and environmental hazards of pesticides, pesticide regulation and policy, pesticide alternatives and cutting-edge science. Focuses on alternative and organic lifestyles.

99. Organic Horizon Information and commentary on organic farming in the United States. Covers topics that directly affect the organic farm industry.

100. Enviromom Stories from two stay at home moms on their path to going green and organic, healthy living. Whether you are just starting down the road to greener living or have been doing it for years, you’ll find a supportive and respectful community of advisors.

There are many organic foods and products out there. We hope that these blogs will help educate you on making smarter, more sustainable choices for yourself, your family, and the planet we call home.