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Top 25 Science TV Shows of All Time

newscnetcom-1Whether science is a profession or just a hobby, it is all around us. With scientific breakthroughs being made all the time, where to turn to for an upfront look? Because books, reports, and papers can only do so much, try turning on the television for some help.

The top 25 science shows of all time can give science enthusiasts of all ages the ability to discover the latest in science, updates on its history, and a behind the scenes look at many specialties. The websites alone of many of these shows have much to keep anyone occupied.

Top Reality Science TV Shows of All Time

These unscripted science shows top the ratings and give loads of useful information.

    1. Beyond Tomorrow : Explore cutting edge scientific and technological advancements destined to change the way we live. A cast of reporters travel the globe to inform viewers on a diverse range of science including medicine, aviation, computers, space, agriculture, transport, architecture, energy, environment, sport, leisure, and adventure. There is also a video gallery and podcasts with much more.

    2. NOVA Science Now : Since the 1970’s, this PBS show has been bringing the world of science to television. Currently, host Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist, presents multiple stories in a magazine format show. You can view various topics with a visit to the website including health, nature, physics, and technology.

    3. MythBusters : See how science is put to the test by checking out this wildly popular show. Jamie, Adam, and others use their lab to take on myths and facts concerning sharks, lightning, and any other topics you can imagine. Click on Top 10 to get loads more, including myths the Busters have vowed to never explore. You can even submit a myth to bust of your own.

    4. Ghost Hunters : Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the television show still has a scientific premise. Jason and Grant arrive at a haunted location with a vanload of scientific equipment and look carefully for any alleged ghosts or other related visitors. Skepticism and science blend nicely with a touch of horror.

    5. How It’s Made : Ever wonder about the science behind everyday items? Then check out this science television show. Everything from bacon to your household PC is explored from design to production line. The official site also has videos, quizzes, puzzles, and even make at home projects.

    6. Science of War : It may not be pretty, but the science behind war can be dazzling. Everything from the latest in astonishing military technology to weapons of the past are featured. If you like this science television show, check out its companion Science of the Elite Soldier.

    7. Man vs. Wild : Get an up close look at animal biology, botany, and much more without ever leaving your home. Bear Grylls served with the Special Air Service of the British army and is your host to everything from the dessert to lands covered in ice. The site lets you view clips, go behind the scenes, and even take a quiz to see how you would do in the wild.

Top Fictionalized Science TV Shows of All Time
Although scripted, these television shows manage to blend both science and entertainment nicely.

    8. House : If interested in human biology, this science show can help increase your knowledge. Gregory House and his team of doctors regularly take on the rarest and most horrible diseases known to man. With a Sherlock Holmes style and ultimate curmudgeon wit, the main character will have you loving and hating him at the same time.

    9. Numb3rs : If mathematics is more your thing, check out this show. Mathematical genius Charlie is called in to help the F.B.I. when they are up against the wall. Using advanced math, and a little science, this show displays the practical side of science.

    10. CSI : See how straight up science is used to solve crimes in this leading show. Crime Scene Investigators use all sorts of scientific processes to solve homicides. Bonus points for two spin offs, and doppelganger in NCIS.

Top Science TV Shows for Kids of All Time
Gather the whole family to check out these top science television shows.

    11. The Nature of Things : This is Canada’s longest running documentary series. An excellent choice for science enthusiasts who are interested in nature. Host David Suzuki cuts through the hype to bring the latest stories from the frontlines of science and the environment. If you don’t live in Canada, you can watch it online by visiting the site.

    12. Bill Nye the Science Guy : Explore the world of science with the younger viewer in mind on this show. There are various interesting clips on the site, and you can even get ideas for experiments at home. Check out the store or one of Bill’s other shows to get more.

    13. Sid The Science Kid : If you have a preschooler and love of science, check out this television show. Offered by PBS Kids, Sid helps children learn science through videos, songs, and games. Visit the website for much more.

    14. DragonflyTV : Another PBS show, this one features real science. Follow real kids on all sorts of scientific adventures by checking out the show. There are podcasts, science just for girls, and even the option to find a science center near you.

    15. Naked Science : Even though it isn’t as graphic as it sounds, this science show is more for bigger kids and teens. It tackles many scientific topics from an ancient asteroid to the secrets of the universe. Part of the National Geographic Channel, there are photos, videos, and quizzes.

    16. Bindi The Jungle Girl : Daughter of deceased Steve Irwin, Bindi continues his mission in animal science in this show. The site has more information, puzzles, her blog, and more. Discovery Kids also has many other shows for younger science enthusiasts.

Top Science Fiction Shows of All Time
Because science and fiction make a hearty combination, this list wouldn’t be complete without them. Top honors go to shows that make us think about the future that science holds in store for humanity.

    17. Star Trek : For showing how humanity can better itself by coming together in the spirit of science, reason, and cooperation, this timeless series stands out. Also, spawning several franchises, films, comics, and more doesn’t hurt either. The premise that a simple starship crew can accomplish so much and have such a tight bond is inspiration for any television watcher.

    18. Battlestar Galactica : Ron Moore and company did the truly amazing: turn a cheesy, buried science fiction program into one of the top science fiction shows of all time. In a turn from the above show, humanity has practically sent itself to extinction by one of its own creations. The ugly side of humanity and science are shown, along with the best. The show has also spawned a spin off: Caprica.

    19. Firefly : Joss Whedon’s short-lived drama about nine outcasts aboard a spaceship did what the above two science fiction shows didn’t: show us that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Seeing space as the pioneers saw the west, Firefly opened up worlds that had both the latest in technology, along with some of the old. A must view for fans of science fiction for showing that humanity, in its best and worst forms, trumps science. As an added bonus, you don’t have to search the DVD shelves for it. You can find full episodes of the series on Hulu.

    20. Babylon 5 : If you enjoyed the darker side of Star Trek, such as the themes in DS9, you will enjoy this top science fiction show. J. Michael Straczynski focuses the series on a space station where politics, diplomacy, and conflict all take place in the future. It also stands out as one of the first truly serialized science fiction shows.

    21. The Jetsons : Yes, a cartoon made the list. For showing us that family comes first, no matter what time you live in, this science fiction television show makes the list. George Jetson and company share many family friendly adventures in this imaginative future world.

    22. Stargate : Who says there are no worlds to explore in the present? In this series, a stargate is used to send crews from Earth across the galaxy on all sorts of adventures. Bonus points for the two spin-offs.

    23. Alien Nation : In the near future, aliens arrive on Earth looking for a new home. As both human and alien struggle to cope with this new world, both learn about each other. With a relaunch of the series in the work, it might even move up on future lists of the top science fiction television shows of all time.

    24. V : Similar to the above, this series deals with aliens landing on Earth. Unlike the above, the visitors are mysterious, superior, and can be downright frightening. Whether you prefer the relaunch or the original, the series has enough twists, turns, and commentary on humanity to keep you watching.

    25. Logan’s Run : In the future, humanity is its own worst enemy in this series. The world in this short-lived television series executes its own members on a willing basis based on their age and a crystal in their palm. When one breaks the rules, the chase is on. Excellent viewing for those who are concerned about how expendable a human life will be in the future.

Whether looking to learn some actual science, do a project at home, or just for some good television with a scientific edge, you can’t beat the above top 25 science TV shows of all time. If choosing to do a scientific project at home as seen on one of the above sites, be sure to follow the directions carefully and take the proper precautions.